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Wondering How Other Agents Are Using The 3-Steps System?

Here’s just a tiny sample of the hundreds of comments from agents just like you who’ve used the 3-Steps System in their businesses…

"My whole business is based on the 3-Steps system. I don’t rely on phone duty, open houses, or any of the stuff most REALTORS® use. I don’t have to make calls and struggle to get my next client. They now automatically call me because of the systems I got from you. I don’t know what I would do without this."

- Tom H., Lancaster, PA

"More than anything else, this has made my real estate business consistent.  It helps me reach new people and also get referrals from my sphere of influence."

- Cathy M., Dayton, OH

"I was the most skeptical, suspicious person you’ve probably ever met.  I have seen them all and thought “this is just another gimmick.”  Thank God I had the sense to try your program.  I’m no longer a struggling salesperson, but running a successful business with structured marketing systems.  Your 3-Steps program has not only increased my sales volume dramatically, but it has also created a life-long business with lifetime clients."

- Peter E., Laguna Niguel, CA

“Your system is absolutely incredible!  You have provided me with value well beyond the price of the system.  You really deliver what you promise...and more.  Thank you.” 

- Eric R., Vienna, VA

“I must admit that I was very skeptical.  Over the years I like most REALTORS® have spent countless hours and thousands of dollars attending weekend seminars, workshops, and my personal library dozens of books and programs that DON’T work.  Once I started reading your materials I knew I was on to something Big.  You have developed a system anyone can use if they have the willingness to apply themselves.  I started making money before I finished Step 1.  Any REALTOR® who is serious about making money cannot possibly pass this up.”       

- Larry S., Denton, TX

“In the 24 years I have been in the real estate business, this is the most value I have ever received! This was incredible.  No B.S.!  Just a real marketing system that will work.” 

- Michael R., Sacramento, CA

“I work smarter, and a lot less than putting in the 80 hours I've been doing.  There are so many things to use and put into practice NOW.  This was the first ever, totally complete system.  Thank you.  I have so many new ideas that I know will grow my business many times over.”  

- Linda F., Tinley Park, IL

“I’ve got business coming out of my ears!  New buyers in weeks...and $0 cost – all by using the 3-Steps system. THANKS!”

- Roland F., Brea, CA

“Great Program.  The Best I Have Ever Used. Almost from the beginning my referrals increased.  I can take one idea and incorporate it as needed.  Your “inner circle” concept works great.  I have new enthusiasm and excitement in my practice.”

- Maxine V.  Burleson, TX

“The best thing about the 3-Steps system is the amount of ready-made systems.  All we have to do is use the templates and start marketing.  My 800 hotline is generating tons of leads.  My listing guarantee practically closes every listing I present.  Your free reports generate leads almost daily.”

- Lori N., Jacksonville, FL

“It’s hard for agents to know which system to buy and who to listen to.  They all make big promises.  What the 3-Steps does differently is you lay it out in a step-by-step system that is easier to follow.  If an agent does what you say, you will get your money’s worth and more.”

- Doug H., Tipton, IN 

“Other programs are just a scaled-down version of the 3-Steps system.  This gives you ready to use ads, systems, etc. – there’s nothing on the market like it.”     

- Jay V., Downey, CA 

“I have been in the real estate business for the past 22 years.  I was almost burned out completely, and had given thoughts to just hang it up, until I got this. Craig, this is an awesome program.  Anyone can use it.  I have bought many programs, but this is the ONE program that covers it all."

- Claudine S., Mobile, AL 

“I am a member of the 3-Steps and used the renter’s letter you gave me (that did not cost me a penny to send)...which has generated multiple commissions in just a few months.”

- Jim W., Round Rock, TX

“The results have been phenomenal!  It has provided a road map to better target and implement marketing programs that link together.  You have helped me multiply my business.” 

- Keith B., Oxnard, CA

“This is a great resource.  It’s paid for itself with just the time savings of not having to sweat over what to put in my promotions.”

- Mike M., Bloomington, MN

“Last year I was on the verge of giving up on real estate, but after hooking up with the 3-Steps system, I have the confidence to GO DO IT.  The help you have given me personally as well as with your systems have increased my business.”               

- Tom D., Winchester, VA

“I am a 1st year Realtor in a very competitive market.  The 3-Steps system has helped me establish myself in the community.  I have had brokers from other companies call me, saying how impressed they are with my marketing, and asking me to switch to their office.” 

- Liz M., Cape Coral, FL 

“This has given me new confidence and a new way of practicing real estate.  My listings and sales have increased in a few months.  There is much to be gained for a small investment!” 

- Helen H., Palm Springs, CA

“The 3-Steps is essential for running a profitable real estate business in the 21st century.” 

- Lea W., Seattle, WA

“I have only praise for the best help I’ve encountered in 10 years of real estate.  The easy to use, ready to go format on each separate system has been most helpful.  The systems and ideas are varied enough that there is help for every agent no matter what level.  It’s tremendous!”

- Patricia B., Morrisville, PA 

“This is a fascinating, can do, step-by-step blueprint that any agent who’s serious about their real estate success needs to use. Thank you again, and again, for introducing me to an easy, understandable way to a rewarding, full-of-fun life.”

- Elizabeth M., San Rafael, CA

“Step-by-step system from the beginning to the big bucks – NOT taught in real estate training.”

- Ed F., Concord, CA 

“Terrific “different” marketing ideas.  It has given me a point of difference in real estate – NOT being like everyone else.”

- Jerry S., Anderson, CA      

NOTICE: These are individual comments, reflecting self-described experiences of those who have used the 3-Steps System in some way or another.  However, they are individual results and results do vary.  We do not claim that they are typical results that consumers will generally achieve.  We have exercised diligence to examine testimonials and remove income claims the product/service may or may not have had for the testimonial writer/speaker, in order to be in compliance with FTC guidelines.  Last names have been removed to protect privacy.

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